Notes From The Dead Zone

This site is a confession from the sole survivor of an expedition to the Land of Nod, in the Year of Our Lord 1999. Pay heed to his story, that you may not make the same mistakes as he, and also, read with an open mind and heart. For truly, confession IS good for the soul, and he's confessing a lot.

Here And Now Just cut/paste, and it's my other blog! For some reason, this editor won;t allow me to create a direct link, so I'm sorry for the added hassle. Go, and read, and rant and rave at me. It's what it's for.

Some of the places I've Been

My Card, folks.

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Anime. I am a nerd, after all.

  • Black Lagoon(Oh, Revy...)
  • Captain Harlock(Arcadia of my Youth)
  • Cowboy Bebop(If ever I have a child, I want her/him to be Edward)
  • Dead Leavs(Ah, Pandy..)
  • Escaflowne(We've all had that wish)
  • Evangelion(Asuka is a GODDESS)
  • FLCL(He really swung the bat..)
  • Robotech(The Harmony Gold Re-imagining was awesome)
  • Samurai Champloo(Notice a lot of Khari Wahlgren?)
  • Tenchi Muyo(OVA First, Universe Second. In Tokyo, does not exist to me)
  • Vampire Hunter D(Original)